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Gateway Kids Club - Overview

Gateway Kids Club is a weekly kids programme that includes storytelling, arts and crafts, and free play activities, as well as parenting talks and workshops.

All our activities are a way for parents to get involved with their kids in arts-related activities. Activities are centred around performing arts, visual arts, music or dance. In fact, studies show that creative activities are imperative in early child development.

Gateway Kids Club gets you and your child engaged in arts-related activities that are not only fun but also feed the imaginative creator hidden within!

Each month features a different theme, around which activities are focused.

Recommended for children 3 to 8 years old.


In the early childhood years between 3 to 8 years old, kids have a large capacity to develop their creativity and grow their imagination through various positive artistic stimulations. Studies show that children after the age of 6 will multi-task their modes of learning due to the pressures of formal schooling, therefore their capacity to imagine and create is much greater before reaching this age!

More and more Singaporean parents are introducing their children to the arts through weekend art workshops, theatre plays or musicals for young people, as well as enrolling their children in music lessons. Gateway Kids Club provides another option for parents to introduce their kids to activities that are centred around visual arts, performing arts, music and dance.


1. Arts To Enrich Young Minds

Children develop a variety of skills from participating in arts-related activities regularly.

Motor skills, especially in making arts and crafts.

Language appreciation, in listening and participating in storytelling.

Listening, improving a child’s attention span when listening to stories, as well as active listening when taking instructions.

Empathy, appreciating other people or animals through their stories.

Visual appreciation, when drawing and making crafts; developing graphic cues and understanding symbols.

Problem-solving & critical-thinking, as applied in craft-making or free play interactive games.

Inventiveness, when expressing themselves during the storytelling or craft-making sessions.

2. Great Family Time

Come down and take part in activities as a family.

Parents and children can play together, interact when making crafts together or share in an experience through the storytelling sessions. Parents can even buy the book that was shared at the storytelling session to read at home or use the skills they’ve learnt making crafts to continue playing at home too.

3. Storytelling Is Both Fun And Educational

  • Introduces new words and phrases to children.
  • Enhances listening skills.
  • Forms relationships with other children.
  • Develops imagination.
  • A learning activity.
  • Explores and develops emotions and makes sense of feelings.
  • Encourages further reading!

4. Parent Resources

Interacting with your child is much easier when you have a few tools under your belt! Gateway Kids Club is not just for children, it’s for parents too. Monthly talks to help parents with their child’s ever-changing needs will be programmed into the day. For instance, these talks may include ‘creative parenting’, tips to engage your children’s interest in reading books or guidelines to managing your child’s stress. Check back for details. Pre-registration is required for talks and workshops.

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