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Past Events

Gateway Stage Kids

Every Saturday, the Gateway Stage Kids get together for one hour to interact through drama games, imagine new scenes and scenarios, play different characters from known or new stories, and learn to speak with confidence. At the end of the module, the children’s learning culminates in a mini presentation for parents. Each 10-week module focuses on a different learning objective. Join us in learning the three C’s of Drama: Confidence, Creativity and Compassion, at Gateway Stage Kids.

See more details at stagekids.gateway.sg

Module 2 starts 28 March 2020
930AM & 1130AM

A Green Dot

A Little RAW, an inclusive young dancers company, brings you on a journey to discover how one adapts and strives in an environment that divides. Inspired by the green movement of guerilla gardening, we hope to dissolve the grids that society has built through dancing without boundaries… gardening without boundaries…

More than ever, your support is vital in enabling the arts to thrive in the future. Help us move forward and create more meaningful arts that inspire. Your generosity is truly appreciated and will bring us closer together.

Donate here to RAW Moves: https://www.giving.sg/raw-moves-ltd

Date & Time:
23 December 2020, 8pm – 1 January 2021, 11.59pm

Mighty Mousedeer of the Forest

Bouncing back from a previously cancelled show, the DADC dancers are back with a fresh take on Mighty Mousedeer of the Forest presented to you through your screens!

With their determination and passion, the team brings to you a story of the mousedeer Sang Kanchil who uses her wits to outsmart the ferocious tiger bent on eating her.

Presented as a performance video, the show features a light-hearted combination of dance, music, drama and storytelling perfect for children and families. Be with us for the premiere where you will get to hear about the show directly from the performers!

Along with the performance, come join us in the forest as the DADC dancers share their animal movements through free videos which will be uploaded at apsara-asia.com.sg.

This show is performed by the dancers of DADC, produced by Apsara Asia Pte Ltd and directed by Kavitha Krishnan with co-director/ choreographer, Eva Tey, with screenplay written by Lee Lai Mei Karen and musical score composed by Kailin Yong and Raghavendran Rajasekaran.

Join in, get tickets now!

2 October 2020

The Rat Trap

“Come on Pa. We are two big-sized humans. It is one small animal. We can catch it!”

Catch the live streaming of The Rat Trap by Euginia Tan (Work-In-Progress) - A Dramatised Reading, followed by a Q&A session with the cast and creatives right after!

Written by Euginia Tan (Gateway Arts Artist-In-Residence)
Directed by Samantha Scott-Blackhall
Mentored by Jean Tay
Performed by Lim Kay Siu, Yap Yi Kai and Darren Guo

This work is developed under Gateway Arts Artist-In-Residence Programme 2020-2021 and proudly supported by Digital and Venue Partner, Gateway Theatre.

Duration: 1h 30mins (including Q&A)

Venue: Facebook Live
Date: 25 September 2020
Time: 8pm

Gateway Theatre 3rd Birthday

Gateway Theatre is turning 3 years old this July, and we are celebrating the number 3! 3 is a magical number because of good things are found in 3s. For example, in theatre, plays often have 3 Acts. In writing, there is the “rule of 3”, a technique to get a laugh or make you remember something. Most stories have 3 parts; a beginning, a middle and an end, and there are usually 3 wishes to be granted, just like in Aladdin, or 3 guesses from Rumpelstiltskin. Not forgetting some memorable “3” characters: Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, the 3 Billy Goats Gruff, 3 Blind Mice, and the 3 Musketeers!

At Gateway Theatre’s 3rd Birthday we are excited to present 3 Chapters for your viewing pleasure and participation. All our programmes will be online and will go LIVE at a specific time, so lock in the date and join us for our party!

Venue: SISTIC Live
Date: 18 July 2020
Time: 10am, 11am, 12pm

Gateway Little Hoppers - Open House

Gateway Arts and Distinct Creative Arts bring urban dance for kids to Gateway Theatre with a brand new dance programme! Dance is a fun way to keep fit and learn confidence, as well as spatial and social awareness.

Come to our open house for a free trial and experience the class for yourself!

More details at littlehoppers.gateway.sg

21 March 2020
1130AM, 1PM, 3PM
Studio 1


Loo is a hot, dry wind from Asia that comes alive on summer afternoons. The show is a poetic exploration of the changes this wind can cause: moving the desert sand dunes, drying up wetlands and jungles, leaving ships buried in sandy oceans, unable to sail.

Set around the bow of a sunken boat in a sea of sand, the show uses evocative music, buried objects and stunning visual effects, to give its audience a first-hand experience of the destructive effect of this wind… and a chance to understand how and why the Loo blows.

Quote: ‘A spectacle without words, minimalist, poetic and of extraordinary beauty.’ by Reccomana.cat on Artica

Click here to find out more about the programme.

13 - 16 December 2019
9.30AM, 11.30AM, 1.30PM (Fri & Sat, Mon & Tue)
11.30AM, 1.30PM (Sun & Mon)
Black Box

Here I Am

A visual arts workshop where children will create their own self-portrait to be digitised and hung as part of a growing exhibition demonstrating the complexity of children’s self-expression and cultural plurality. This workshop extends themes of self-reflection, diversity, multiplicity and community as well as building fundamental skills in self-portraiture and watercolors.

The large scale growing installation develops each day with the artworks of the previous day. The concept of this artwork shows the diversity of faces in our community as well as the perspective of each child artist and how they see themselves.

This workshop was created by QPAC’s Out of the Box Festival in Brisbane.

In this hands-on workshop, children paint their own self portrait. In doing so, they're asked to reflect on questions like: How do I want to be seen in the world? How is my face a reflection of who I am? How do I feel?

Here I Am celebrates the wonderful diversity in our society and at the same time, explores each individual in their own right. We all may have different eyes, hair and skin, but we play the same, smile the same and laugh the same.

Here I Am invites us to consider that the way our children perceive themselves may be very different to how we see them from the outside.

This workshop was created by QPAC’s Out of the Box Festival in Brisbane.

Click here to find out more about the programme

13 - 17 December 2019
9AM, 10.15AM, 12.15PM, 2.15PM, 3.30PM (Fri, Sat, Mon & Tue)
10AM, 11.15AM, 12.30PM, 2.15PM, 3.30PM (Sun)
The Gallery

Aerial Time Machine

Time travel isn’t possible… or is it? Join Adedance Aerial and our team as we explore the many eras of music and dance in our 2019 Showcase Event – AERIAL TIME MACHINE! Whether you love the roaring forties, the pop of today, or want to see what the future may hold, Our spectacular aerial performances from students, professional instructors and guest performers will defy physics and the space-time-continuum to take you there. Best of all, this year’s event is held in support of Guide Dogs Singapore! So get in touch with us today via hello@adedanceaerial.com or 9787 6948 to reserve your tickets today

24 November 2019
Black Box
For Tickets, email hello@adedanceaerial.com

Tamil Comedy Festival

The funniest trio in town! Three leading stand-up comedians Manoj Prabhakar, Jagan Krishnan and Praveen Kumar are coming together to give you a night of non-stop laughter at the first-ever Tamil Comedy Festival.

Jagan Krishnan is truly a versatile and entertaining stand-up comic, who will charm you with his musical abilities, tickle your funny bones with his jokes and, finally he will make a mockery of everything you hold dear using his acerbic wit! He is one of the very few musical stand-up comedians from Chennai who brings comedy and music together.

Manoj Prabhakar is one of the top comics from Chennai who while pursuing his engineering degree found out that he has a great sense of humour and has since then written jokes. However, he considers his degree as his biggest joke till date. A software engineer by profession, his humorous take on his middle class upbringing, his work life, his education and everything else that frustrates him have been received with resounding applauses across India!

Praveen Kumar is a Bangalore based stand-up comedian who has done about 1400 shows all around the globe. His family-friendly clean comedy is a total hit! 4 specials in, he has currently started touring for his fifth one. He has been rated as one of the Top 10 stand-up comedians in India by Times of India and one of top 10 comics in India to look out for by IBN live.

So, get ready for an epic night filled with epic jokes delivered by the most epic trio in Singapore! Book your tickets now.

15 November 2019


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