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The Monster In The Mirror

16 year old Jane is constantly bullied in school and scolded at home by her overbearing mother. Worse still, she is continually tormented by the self-critical voices in her head.

That is, until she receives a magic mirror from a flamboyant Fairy God Delivery Beng. She peers into this mirror and finds herself face to face with someone who has been living in her head all her life - a monster.

“The Monster in the Mirror Musical” is a hilarious and touching musical about what it means to love yourself. Singapore's first digi-theatrical musical experience not to be missed!

Digital Stream: 28 March, 8pm – 4 April, 11.59pm



A spellbinding Ballet fairytale for families with kids based on the story of Aladdin and his magical lamp originated as a tale that appeared in the epic "One Thousand and One Nights or Arabian Nights."

Aladdin is a poor young yet care-free street urchin from city of Agrabah whose dreams will lead him to fascinating adventures. He is bribed to travel into the Cave of Wonders to find a magical lamp, unaware what fate holds in store for him. Will Aladdin use the wishes granted by the magical Genie to win the heart of the beautiful Princess Jasmine? Or will the evil Sultan’s advisor Jafar have other plans?

This Ballet performance in two acts was created by Team of dedicated choreographers and students from School Of Russian Ballet. Singapore.

This is the 9th Annual Ballet production.

8 previous performances were successfully presented for the wide audience in ”Nutcracker “2012, “Alice in Wonderland” 2013, “Peter Pan” 2014, “Cinderella” 2015, “Sleeping Beauty” 2016, “Coppelia” 2017, “Snow White in the Seven Dwarfs” 2018. “The Snow Queen” 2019.

The Music based on composers such as: Adolph Adam, Minkus- Lanchbery, Carl Orff, Alexandr Glazunov , Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Choreography by Elena Kanevskaia and Alexandr Savitski with adaptation from famous Ballet masterpieces such as: La Bayadere, Le Corsaire, The Sleeping Beauty and Raymonda.

Venue: Theatre
Date: 27 & 28 Mar
Time: 4:30pm



Can a blind woman feel fear, anger and empathy?

Why do some assume a wheelchair user is automatically intellectually disabled?

Is it possible for someone with very low vision to create beautiful works of art that intimately capture the beauty of human anatomy?

A 'sword' fight. A Ferrari wheelchair. Wires that take on a life of their own. Harmonies of hope.

Part documentary, part theatrical monologue, Perspectives is a digital exploration about life as Singaporeans with disabilities. Director Peggy Ferroa weaves a narrative of adventures and experiences living with difference.


When Paths Cross – A Monologue by Lim Lee Lee
A blind woman crosses paths – and canes – with an angry man. Should she flee or fight, or can she do more for others?

Wired on Art – Thoughts on Art Making and Life
Visual artist Victor Tan has exhibited all over the world but finds home in a little art studio off Telok Kurau. He shares his thoughts on how sculpting with wire helps him re-examine relationships people have with each other.

A Chair is Still A Chair – A Monologue by Stephanie Esther Fam
What happens when a woman is given a new wheelchair but doesn’t quite connect with it?

See the world through the eyes of a blind woman, take a walk in the shoes of a wheelchair user, and learn how disability brings new perspectives to artmaking. These three stories will set you thinking about who we are as people, in all our wonderous diversity.

‘Perspectives’ is a disability-led film executive produced by Lim Lee Lee

Directed by Peggy Ferroa and Michael Chua
Written by Peggy Ferroa, Lim Lee Lee and Stephanie Esther Fam
Starring Lim Lee Lee, Stephanie Esther Fam, Victor Tan, with music by Harmony Community Choir

Details: Streaming online from 26 March – 1 April 2021


The Rishi Report

After an extremely successful debut show, The Rishi Report LIVE is back! This time, we have celebrity guest comedian Sharul Channa!

Rishi and the team are returning with more exciting sketch comedy scenes featuring guest performer Jo Tan (Best Actress, ST Life Theatre Awards 2020) with correspondents Jacky Ng and Siraj Aziz.

Look out for your favourite segments of Broken News and also, the celebrity guest interviews. Musical guests to be announced soon!

Free-seating: first come first seat basis

Venue: Gateway Theatre Black Box
Date & Time: 5 Mar 8:30pm, 6 Mar 6:30pm & 9:00pm
Duration: 70 minutes
Price: $65 (Early Bird), $75 (Kuku Bird)


The Rat Trap

“Come on Pa. We are two big-sized humans. It is one small animal. We can catch it!”

Written by Euginia Tan (Gateway Arts Artist-In-Residence)
Mentored by Jean Tay
Performed by Lim Kay Siu, Yap Yi Kai and Darren Guo

This work is developed under Gateway Arts Artist-In-Residence Programme 2020-2021 and proudly supported by Digital and Venue Partner, Gateway Theatre.

Live Show: 26 – 28 Feb 2021, Gateway Theatre Black Box
Digital Stream: 28 Feb – 7 Mar 2021


The Rishi Report

After spending 8 months on your social media, bringing you the funniest of breaking (and broken) news, the team from The Rishi Report is taking the show to a LIVE audience. Experience the latest happenings in the form of a comedy segments and hear the news delivered like never before.

Rishi Budhrani, after hosting an international, award-winning travel series titled Unexpected Journeys, has been on an unexpected journey himself this year with his comedy career. He has been producing Singapore’s only online news comedy satire series, The Rishi Report, with fellow comedians Jacky Ng and Siraj Aziz (also featured on the line-up), he has been selling baby products on Lazada, hosting virtual shows and, became the first comedian in Singapore this year to perform a LIVE stand-up comedy show for the frontline nurses at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Because truly, nothing beats a LIVE audience.

Celebrity guests: Haresh Tilani and Terrence Chia from Ministry of Funny's Yah Lah But.. podcast!

Guest musicians: Jack and Rai

Also, don't miss out correspondent segments by Jacky Ng and Siraj Aziz.

Venue: Gateway Theatre Black Box
Date: 6 Feb 2021
Time: 6:30pm or 9:00pm
Duration: 70 minutes
Price: $65 (Early Bird), $75 (Kuku Bird)



A Man Waiting For The Leaves To Fall

A Man Waiting For The Leaves To Fall is a digital performative narration that chronicles the pivotal events in a man's life. This 15-minute-long digital production explores the relationship of the film medium within a new theatre paradigm where theatrical design takes centre stage as characters.

Supported by the National Arts Council Digital Presentation Grant, The Aesthetic Project focuses on the theatrical design language intersecting with screen medium to create a new experience of theatre, in the absence of dialogue and actors.

"I think the best way to explore the evolution of Theatre would be to go back to what we love about theatre - telling the story." Judee Tan, director.

Helmed by director Judee Tan, The Aesthetic Project presents its first digital production, examining themes surrounding broken and lost communication and the societal gaps caused by modern society's rapid evolution that force generations and social tribes apart.

No dialogue. No actors. How do we present a narrative that is driven by theatrical design choices and the camera?

Details: Streaming online from 22 – 31 March


Gateway Stage Kids

Every Saturday, the Gateway Stage Kids get together for one hour to interact through drama games, imagine new scenes and scenarios, play different characters from known or new stories, and learn to speak with confidence. At the end of the module, the children’s learning culminates in a mini presentation for parents. Each 10-week module focuses on a different learning objective. Join us in learning the three C’s of Drama: Confidence, Creativity and Compassion, at Gateway Stage Kids.

See more details at stagekids.gateway.sg

Module 2 starts 28 March 2020
930AM & 1130AM

A Green Dot

A Little RAW, an inclusive young dancers company, brings you on a journey to discover how one adapts and strives in an environment that divides. Inspired by the green movement of guerilla gardening, we hope to dissolve the grids that society has built through dancing without boundaries… gardening without boundaries…

More than ever, your support is vital in enabling the arts to thrive in the future. Help us move forward and create more meaningful arts that inspire. Your generosity is truly appreciated and will bring us closer together.

Donate here to RAW Moves: https://www.giving.sg/raw-moves-ltd

Date & Time:
23 December 2020, 8pm – 1 January 2021, 11.59pm

Mighty Mousedeer of the Forest

Bouncing back from a previously cancelled show, the DADC dancers are back with a fresh take on Mighty Mousedeer of the Forest presented to you through your screens!

With their determination and passion, the team brings to you a story of the mousedeer Sang Kanchil who uses her wits to outsmart the ferocious tiger bent on eating her.

Presented as a performance video, the show features a light-hearted combination of dance, music, drama and storytelling perfect for children and families. Be with us for the premiere where you will get to hear about the show directly from the performers!

Along with the performance, come join us in the forest as the DADC dancers share their animal movements through free videos which will be uploaded at apsara-asia.com.sg.

This show is performed by the dancers of DADC, produced by Apsara Asia Pte Ltd and directed by Kavitha Krishnan with co-director/ choreographer, Eva Tey, with screenplay written by Lee Lai Mei Karen and musical score composed by Kailin Yong and Raghavendran Rajasekaran.

Join in, get tickets now!

2 October 2020


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