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The Rat Trap

“Come on Pa. We are two big-sized humans. It is one small animal. We can catch it!”

Written by Euginia Tan (Gateway Arts Artist-In-Residence)
Mentored by Jean Tay
Performed by Lim Kay Siu, Yap Yi Kai and Darren Guo

This work is developed under Gateway Arts Artist-In-Residence Programme 2020-2021 and proudly supported by Digital and Venue Partner, Gateway Theatre.


The Monster In The Mirror

An insecure teenage girl uses a magic mirror that extracts all her insecurities into a monster girl in order to win a boy’s affections, only to learn the true value of self-love and compassion.

The Monster in the Mirror is a comical but touching 90-minute original pop musical that aims to empower the youths of today by addressing important and relevant issues like self-live and identity-building.


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