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Need to hold a meeting or event online? Our Di.GT.al Initiative offers one-stop solutions for video production and live streaming. With our in-house resources such as spaces, equipment and an experienced technical team, our Di.GT.al Initiative can help you most effectively use video and/or live streaming to hold your event or present your work virtually, allowing it to reach a larger audience. We can also connect you to a ticketed live streaming platform, if necessary, which would enable you to generate much-needed revenue.



Terms & Conditions

  1. Packages do not include filming/streaming venue or associated rental cost.
  2. Packages B, C, D and E include equipment and manpower for video production only.
  3. Applicable to filming/video production taking place from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2021.
  4. All visitors, hirers, their staff, vendors and patrons must adhere to the IMDA Mandatory Rules, prevailing safe distancing measures and the necessary precautionary measures that Gateway Theatre is enforcing at their premises due to COVID-19 pandemic. For IMDA Mandatory Rules, click here
  5. All rates are subject to GST.

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