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Arts Festival

In celebration of Gateway Theatre’s second anniversary, we have lined up a series of entertaining performances and engaging programmes for the family in the first ever Gateway Arts Festival! The festival will fill Gateway Theatre with children’s programmes over the month of July, with Shows, Workshops, and a Carnival! Join in the festivities and be filled with the wonder of the arts!

We believe that the arts is for everyone. Look out for each show’s accessibility options! Click on each icon to find out more about the accessibility option.
The Magic Story Bag
6 & 7 July
11am (30min)
Ages 3 and up
Black Box

Woolie and Goolie appear with a Magic Bag of stories. When they reach into the bag and say the magic words “gedebak-gedebuk-tingtong” ordinary household items turn into extraordinary tools and puppets! Come hear their many stories.

By Act 3 Theatrics

About Act 3 Theatrics
ACT 3 Theatrics, established in July 1984, is Singapore’s first professional theatre company. The company is dedicated to developing an environment where children’s thoughts are respected and their voices are heard loud and clear through platforms where they can – with their peers – imagine, explore, experiment, create, articulate, display, present, stage their thoughts, dreams, writings and performances. The team of trainers includes Amy J Cheng, Sherri Toh, Yap Yikai, Perry Shen, Melissa Soon and R Chandran. They are all professional stage, TV and film actors as well as drama trainers in mainstream and special needs schools and organisations in conjunction with the National Arts Council’s ‘Arts Education Programmes’. 

14, 20 - 21 July
11am (30min)
Ages 3 and up
Sky Garden

HeartStrings is a quirky dance-theatre production about play and the importance of friendship. Combining music, physical theatre and lots of string, this endearing show revolves around three fun-loving characters who grapple with the ups and downs of being friends. Watch as the bonds they create with one another come to live in various playful, imaginative and colourful settings. What does it mean to be a friend to everyone? This big-hearted and charming show is specially created for Gateway Theatre's second anniversary and fun for the whole family.

By Five Stones Theatre

About Five Stones Theatre
Five Stones Theatre is an international collective made up of artists who are dedicated to pushing the creative boundaries of theatre and dance for the young and young at heart. Inspired by and named after a popular traditional children’s game in Singapore, we seek to ignite curiosity and imagination in our audiences through the power of play. By connecting artists and audiences with a range of work that is honest, refreshing and thought provoking, we invite children from all cultures into a conversation about art and the world we live in.

Smarty Pants
13, 14, 20 July
3pm (60min)Bonus post-show activities.
All ages
Black Box

Gateway Academy invites you to delve into one of our most well-loved Singapore stories: The Legend of Redhill.

Written by award-winning playwright Jean Tay, SmartyPants and the Swordfish revolves around Nadim, a young kampong boy who unexpectedly saves the kindgom from a violent swordfish attack. As a group of students explore the circumstances leading to the boy's death at the hands of the jealous King Raja, they discover that there are many ways one can dissect and reimagine a story. Along the way, they also learn about bullying and how one can deal with it! Through a unique interactive theatre staging, our young audiences will be immersed in the story playing swordfishes, the sultan's advisors and the villagers of Redhill.

Directed by the critically-acclaimed Samantha Scott-Blackhall, SmartyPants and the Swordfish is more than a retelling of a classic legend of Redhill. It is a timely reflection of where we have come from and where we are going as a nation, especially so in this time of this Bicentennial year. The play doesn't just retell history, it highlights the nuances of power, addresses the issue of bullying and the importance of standing up for what is right.

By Gateway Academy

As You Like It
25 - 26 July(Audio Description is provided on 26 July)
8pm (90min)
Ages 13 and up
$27Check out our bundle deals!

As You Like It is one of Shakespeare’s most glorious and sunniest comedies. Set in a romantic woodland—the Forest of Arden—the play is about a youthful search for identity, love and happiness revolving around the lively character Rosalind. She sets the tone of the play and is among Shakespeare’s most brilliant heroines.

We have set this production in Singapore and Malaysia in 1965, just as Singapore is about to be exiled from the Malayan Union and set adrift to become a wholly independent state. So, this production celebrates a crucial and confusing episode in Singapore’s bicentennial history. Shakespeare’s Forest of Arden become the jungles of Malaysia, where an exiled politician, chastened by nature, returns to assume power by play’s end and all onstage are married and celebrate new unions. Asian Arden becomes a magical wonderland where dappled sunlight and the music and sounds of nature refresh the human spirit and make miracles possible.

By LASALLE College of the Arts BA(Hons) Acting programme

Audio Description is available for the show on 26 July, for which there will be a Touch Tour at 7pm

The Drunken Butterfly
26 - 28 July (8pm), 27 & 28 July (3pm)
All ages
Black Box

Join X as she escapes from the hospital to do her one last spectacular show with her troupe. Expect a rollercoaster ride of emotions as X attempts to complete her mission encountering unexpected surprises, multiple failures, ridiculous dancing and one giant party! Inspired by the writer-actress’ own journey, this performance is an uplifting take on coping with personal illness, for those facing a similar struggle, their caregivers, and everyone else who’s looking for a message of hope and encouragement.

Conceived and written by Shanice Stanislaus
Directed by Alvin Chiam
Designed by: Aaron Yap, Liu Yong Huay, Jevon Chandra, Ng Yin Shian

Featuring Yazid Jalil, Dennis Sofian, Shanice Stanislaus, Tan Rui Shan as the Troupe with the Ensemble played by Krish Natarajan, Nicola Kong, Andrea Joy Alingalan, Alvyna Han, Zalifah Ibrahim, Carol Ee, Prema Latha

Produced by Creatives Inspirit
Production and stage managed by Nadya Gerhard and Hannah Elizabeth Rodrigues

Animated Adventures
13 & 14 July
2pm (60min)
3 - 6 year old
Studio 1

A fun and immersive experience for children led through music and sensory play, which transports its participants into an entirely make-believe world. Whether you end up in the deep jungle, a vast, snowy landscape or even outer space, you will become the main characters in your own story! ‘Animated Adventures’ offers a safe space for children to develop skills in drama in their early years, where movement and improvisation play a key role.

By Five Stones Theatre

Out On Top Circus
13 & 14 July
2pm (60min)
6 - 8 year old
Dance Studio

Are you the greatest showman? Enjoy all the fun of the circus and play the role of every performer in it! Learn balancing tricks, mime, and other skills in circus comedy and entertainment.

By Five Stones Theatre

Upcycling Puppet-making
20 July
2pm (120min)
5 - 6 year old
Suitable for participants with special needs up to 10 years old.
$20 For 1 Parent-child pair
Studio 1

Anything can be a puppet! Bring your own material to upcycle and we’ll show you how to turn it into a puppet! You’ll also learn how bring them to life and engage in a story with tips and tricks from the trainers.

Come in comfortable attire as the you will be seated on the floor.
Bring 1 to 2 pieces of worn-out fabric such as towel, T-shirt or bedsheet. (Please bring a clean one!)
There will be scissors, cutters, safety pins, glue gun and needles being used in the workshop.

By The Finger Players

Storytelling with Puppets!
21 July
2pm (90min)
10 - 12 year old
$20 For 1 Parent-child pair
Dance Studio

Learn how to manipulate a traditional hand puppet and use puppets to tell stories. Local theatre veterans and master puppeteers The Finger Players will share the history and discipline of the art form and also encourage children to express their own thoughts and feelings through storytelling.

By The Finger Players

6 & 7 July, 10am – 4pm
All ages
Sky Garden

Have fun on the bouncy castle, play games, and try your hand at juggling! There’ll also be balloon-sculpting, face-painting, food and more!

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