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Access Arts Hub

Gateway Theatre takes on a macro approach to enact change as a core member of Access Arts Hub, a consortium of individuals and organisations with a shared agenda to make arts more accessible and appealing for persons with disabilities (PWD).

As one of the Hub’s Content Producers, Gateway Theatre takes the necessary steps to ensure that their programmes are friendly for those who might feel excluded when watching live performances.

The HUB’s origin stems from initial training provided by Kirsty Hoyle of Include Arts organised by the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, SRT and supported by the British Council in February 2018. The HUB wants to develop better Access to the arts in Singapore by working with a diverse membership base, to make informed changes to support all communities to be nourished and entertained by the Arts. Access Arts Hub also provides the ACCESSIBILITY IN MIND workshops to all participating groups.

For more information on accessibility in the arts and the ACCESSIBILITY IN MIND workshops, please head to the Access Arts website.

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