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3rd Birthday

Gateway Theatre is turning 3 years old this July, and we are celebrating the number 3! 3 is a magical number because good things are found in 3s. For example, in theatre, plays often have 3 Acts. In writing, there is the “rule of 3”, a technique to get a laugh or make you remember something. Most stories have 3 parts; a beginning, a middle and an end, and there are usually 3 wishes to be granted, just like in Aladdin, or 3 guesses from Rumpelstiltskin. Not forgetting some memorable “3” characters: Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, the 3 Billy Goats Gruff, 3 Blind Mice, and the 3 Musketeers!

At Gateway Theatre’s 3rd Birthday we are excited to present 3 Chapters for your viewing pleasure and participation. All our programmes will be online and will go LIVE at a specific time, so lock in the date and join us for our party!

Here’s what to look forward to:

Chapter 1

10am (45min)
Ages 3 and up

Join Carina from The Players Workshop to learn how to make your own fun and playful puppet. She will be accompanied by 3 of her young craft-y friends. Carina will not only show you how to make the puppet but also how to do the voice of the puppet too! You can chat with Carina and her friends on the live chat along the way.

By The Players Workshop

Prepare for the workshop by downloading the template and material list.

About The Players Worshop
The Players Workshop, together with their performance arm Players Theatre, make up one of Singapore’s leading Children’s Theatre companies. They have almost 20 years of experience producing and presenting quality children’s and family entertainment and programming. In recognition of their work, The Players Theatre/Players Workshop were nominated for Best Production for the Young at the 2016 ST Life! Theatre Awards. Their hit shows include: The Witches, I Want My Hat Back, A Year with Frog and Toad, The BFG, Charlotte’s Web, and Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Chapter 2

11am (30min)
Ages 3 and up

Join Storyteller Dwayne and go on on a crazy adventure with Little Red Riding Hood to find 3 gifts for the princess’ 3rd Birthday. With the help of some of her friends, the 3 Blind Mice, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, and the 3 Billy Goats Gruff, Little Red sets off into the woods to find the perfect gifts. However, the Big Bad Wolf has a different plan and it involves eating Little Red and ending the birthday party altogether! Find out who succeeds!

By Dwayne Lau

Find out more about Gateway Kids Club here.

About Dwayne Lau
Dwayne is an actor, singer, director, playwright, and story-teller. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with a BA (Hon) in Theatre Studies and coaches Drama at St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School. He heads the Creative Ministry at his home church where he writes, directs and performs. He is a familiar face among the Theatre for Young Audiences circle, having done shows like Treasure Island, Charlotte’s Web and Chicken Little with SRT and The Wizard of Oz, Duck and Dive, Arabian Nights and many others with iTheatre.

Chapter 3

12pm (30min)
Ages 3 and up

Get grooving with the young dancers from Distinct Creative Arts’ junior dance crew, Urban Terrain Groovers (UTG), and learn some new moves to show off to your friends. Don’t be surprised if you encounter some dancing animals along the way!

By Distinct Creative Arts

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About Distinct Creative Arts
Distinct Creative Arts (DCA) is a social enterprise that uses dance as a powerful tool to educate, engage, and empower—every week, they reach out to thousands of youths, including many who are marginalised or at-risk. Beyond coaching them in dance fundamentals in school, they also provide the youths with a platform to train and perform together with the DCA team. Through this platform, they personally mentor and groom the next generation, giving their dancers the opportunity to carve a career for themselves out of their dance education. At DCA, they are all about Making Lives Count.

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