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I Can Write! Kids Writing Programme

Does your child struggle with writing? Does he or she find writing a chore? Writing can be fun! From bedtime stories to poetry, novels to songs, comics to movie or theatre scripts, we are surrounded by works of writing. Words can inspire, encourage, move the heart, and evoke emotion and beauty.

Help your child see the beauty in words and ignite their interest in writing and stories! 

Conducted by R Chandran, this workshop will engage children in fun writing exercises that will lead up to participants writing original stories. R Chandran is a veteran in theatre and children’s drama education, and has published several children’s books, including The World On Her Knees, The Leaf Named Nip Who Flipped, and Silly Snigger Striped Riper.

Objectives: To encourage participants to write the first word, then the next and set their thoughts free to spin a short story.
Skills learnt: To appreciate elements that make up a good story and to use that knowledge to write a short, original story.

Our program also incorporates a values-based approach where children will consider values such as ‘Kindness’, ‘Sharing’, ‘Courage’ as themes during the workshop and classroom interactions.  

Children will receive a Participation Certificate at the end of the class. 

*Parents are invited to the little writers' story-showcase on Fri 23 Nov at 5pm. 

Date: 19 - 23 November, Mon - Fri
Time: 3:30pm - 5:30pm daily
Total Duration: 10 hrs (2hrs x 5 sessions)

Facilitator: R Chandran
R Chandran is the founder-director of ACT 3 Theatrics & Very Special Theatrics. He is a professional playwright, author, director, actor, storyteller, educator and a mentor to teachers in using drama as a teaching tool in early childhood and primary schools. To date, Chandran has five published books.


Make this November holiday week a Creative Arts Immersion experience for your child!

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About ACT 3 Theatrics

ACT 3 Theatrics, established in July 1984, is Singapore’s first professional theatre company. The company is dedicated to developing an environment where children’s thoughts are respected and their voices are heard loud and clear through platforms where they can – with their peers – imagine, explore, experiment, create, articulate, display, present, stage their thoughts, dreams, writings and performances.

Between company directors R Chandran and Amy J Cheng, they have more than 34 years of experience in working with children which results in the unique and much-loved ACT 3 approach that ensures that trainers place respect/confidence in children’s innate creativity and abilities at the heart of learning.

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