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I Can Dance! Kids Dance Programme

Get ready to move! Dance is a fun way to keep fit, and helps with body awareness and control. It teaches you which muscles to use and relax, and trains coordination! It's also an easy to stay active, because it can be done anytime and anywhere—all you need is music! 

Conducted by Distinct Creative Arts (DCA), our introductory dance camp will teach your young one dance basics such as warm-up routines, hip-hop moves, rhythm and also memorise short choreography and formation. DCA coaches children and youth in Primary and Secondary schools and dance clubs, as well as courses for kids at various different dance studios, including their own.

Our program also incorporates a values-based approach where children will consider values such as 'Teamwork' and ‘Respect’, as themes during the workshop interactions.

Objectives: To engage the participants in a healthy yet fun activity that will encourage them to keep active, to activate the kinaesthetic learning of the participants by teaching them a new skill, and boost the confidence of the participants by pushing them out of their comfort zone and learn about performing.

Children will receive a Participation Certificate at the end of the class. 

*Parents are invited to attend the mini-showcase at 2pm.


Make this November holiday week a Creative Arts Immersion experience for your child! Bundle this with our other creative arts workshops. 

Visit: https://icanact2.peatix.com & https://icanwrite.peatix.com
Enjoy 15% Early Bird discount if you sign up before 24 Oct!

Please note: Lunch will be provided (Please inform organisers of dietary restrictions upon booking). You may choose to bring along your own snacks for breaks.

About Distinct Creative Arts

Distinct Creative Arts (DCA) is a social enterprise that uses dance as a powerful tool to educate, engage, and empower - every week, we reach out to thousands of youths, including many who are marginalised or at-risk. Beyond coaching them in dance fundamentals in school, we also provide them with a platform to train and perform together with the DCA team. Through this platform, we personally mentor and groom the next generation, giving our dancers the opportunity to carve a career for themselves out of their dance education. At DCA, we are all about Making Lives Count.

DCA firmly believes in and prioritises character development. Nurturing talent goes hand-in-hand with instilling values in our students. It is not about how far one can go with his dance ability, but rather how far one’s character can take him. Most of all, DCA values the shaping of lives through dance.

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