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I Can Act2! Kids Drama Programme

Following a successful first run of I CAN ACT! kids drama workshop, Gateway Academy is proud to present its second series in collaboration with ACT 3 Theatrics: I CAN ACT 2! is a holiday programme for your child to develop his or her acting chops!

Did your child enjoy our I CAN ACT! workshop? Don't miss out on I CAN ACT 2! This new class will build off the basics of what the children have learnt. Your first time? No worries - The course is also designed to engage newcomers as well. 

I CAN ACT 2! will impart drama techniques and skills and bring out the actor in your child! 

Objectives: To encourage participants to express ideas, work together as a team, to explore and overcome challenges. 
Skills learnt: Performing & Creative Skills, Team Building.

Drama allows children to practise using their imagination, express themselves and communicate, and in the process, gain confidence and have lots of fun doing so! Our programme also incorporates a values-based approach where children will consider values such as ‘Kindness’, ‘Sharing’, ‘Courage’ as themes during the programme and classroom interactions.  

The workshop will end with a simple showcase where parents and family are invited to join in the last half-hour to see what their little actors have explored and learnt in the class.

Children will receive a Participation Certificate at the end of the class. 

*Pls take note that all classes need a minimum of 8 pax to start


Make this November holiday week a Creative Arts Immersion experience for your child!

Bundle this with our other creative arts workshops. Visit: https://icandance.peatix.com & https://icanwrite.peatix.com
Enjoy 15% Early Bird discount if you sign up before 24 Oct!

About the trainers:

The team of trainers from ACT3 Theatrics includes Amy J Cheng, Sherri Toh, Yap Yikai, Perry Shen, Melissa Soon and R Chandran. They are all professional stage, TV and film actors as well as drama trainers in mainstream and special needs schools and organisations in conjunction with the National Arts Council’s ‘Arts Education Programmes’.

About ACT 3 Theatrics

ACT 3 Theatrics, established in July 1984, is Singapore’s first professional theatre company. The company is dedicated to developing an environment where children’s thoughts are respected and their voices are heard loud and clear through platforms where they can – with their peers – imagine, explore, experiment, create, articulate, display, present, stage their thoughts, dreams, writings and performances.

Between company directors R Chandran and Amy J Cheng, they have more than 34 years of experience in working with children which results in the unique and much-loved ACT 3 approach that ensures that trainers place respect/confidence in children’s innate creativity and abilities at the heart of learning.

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